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now at the Gold Coast

Parkrise, Suite 6, 3 Alison Street, Surfers Paradise 4217 Queensland

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Enter our world to explore the wonder of fragrance

The Fleurage Perfume Studio is our laboratory where we design and create perfume formulas and custom perfumes.


Extraordinary world of fragrance

By making an appointment you are entering our extraordinary world of perfume ingredients, knowledge and techniques we use in the creation of fragrances.


This rare experience for individuals or groups can only be offered at limited times at the discretion of the perfumer.


Due to the rare and limited nature of these sessions we are sadly unable to offer three year gift certificates as now required by Australian law. Contact us if you are considering this experience as a gift.  
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Delve into perfume ingredients in their pure form

Close your eyes and inhale. Explore exotic ingredients in their pure state. Uncover themes and ideas contained in scent and what they mean to you. Find the ones you connect with.

Rediscover your likes. Rediscover you. 

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A new understanding of what fragrance is to you

As we build from base to heart to top your fragrance develops its own life from the ingredients and ideas that resonate with you.

A deeply personal understanding of what scent means to you. 

Fleurage Create Your Own Perfume sample


And then we make

In the studio, during the session, the perfume is made. The perfumer creates the formula and the fragrance is made by hand for you to take home.   

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For you – like no one else

Every one, an original

Each perfume is an original - just like you. Forget trend. Forget fashion. This is about you. It's about your tastes, your memories, your likes. Who you are and what your individual style is.

Your story, in scent. 

Create your own perfume dispensary


Fleurage Create Your Own Perfume

For 1 to 2 people

At our Scent Design Studio in Parkrise, Surfers Paradise

  • You create a perfume with personal guidance by a Fleurage perfumer

  • A 30ml sized bottle

  • 80 highest quality industry ingredients

  • Recommended for people capturing a place, memory, or open to the perfumer’s interpretation of you. Not recommended for young children. 

  • NOTE this is a limited palette and an artistic exploration and interpretation experience. It is not for copying or recreating or designing commercial fragrances, or learning how to be a perfumer. What you make on the day is what you go home with.

Perfume creation sessions

  • Allow up to 2 hours

  • Cost is $300 per individual creation or 2 for $500

  • You can bring a friend to observe the process

  • The perfume can be re-ordered cost $2.50 per ml incl bottle and delivery.


  • Made via the website

  • Bookings are subject to availability.


Studio Group

studio group Create your own perfume

For small groups of 3 to 8 people


At our Scent Design Studio in Parkrise, Surfers Paradise. 

  • Up to 8 people maximum

  • 20ml bottle of perfume

  • Recommended for men and women, bride and groom groups, friends, work teams, couples.

  • Not recommended for young children.

  • We do not offer this for just one person

Perfume creation sessions

  • Allow 1 to 2 hours

  • Uses 40 highest quality scent ingredients with and alcohol base

  • All participants are given their formula to take home. We do not keep these on file. If a refill is required the cost is $2.00 per ml and we need a copy of the formula


  • Bookings are subject to availability and require a minimum of 1 week notice for numbers over 2

  • Sundays and Saturdays – email your preferred date and time

  • Cost $150 per creation

  • Booking fee of 25% non refundable

  • NOTE this is a limited palette and a fun exploration experience. It is not for recreating commercial fragrances, or learning how to be a perfumer. What you make on the day is what you go home with. 


Studio Groups are special events we set aside time for on an individual basis. Please email us with the time you have in mind. 



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New booking dates released




I can’t tell you how much I love it!

The whole process is really quite fascinating and I would recommend it to anyone who loves perfume (and it would make a great gift for a milestone birthday or similar). My big tip for anyone considering a visit to Fleurage to create their own fragrance (apart from just do it!!) is to have a little think about the style of fragrance you might like to create. I hadn’t given that any thought at all, which probably made it harder for Emma to narrow down what I was after.



I would recommend Fleurage’s Create Your Own Perfume experience to anyone – it was such a fun, educational and enriching creative activity and it would appeal to both perfume aficionados and to those with no prior knowledge of fragrance. I had such a wonderful time making my own fragrance with Emma from Fleurage; it was a really magical experience and a wonderful way to make a tribute perfume both to my father and my own childhood scent memories.


We had such a great experience

We had such a great experience with Fleurage. Today we made a signature scent for our hairdressing salon. The team at Fleurage are so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and professional and their set up is so amazing! We left with such a great fragrance that we made as a team. Highly recommend anyone wanting to buy a perfume to create it themselves with Fleurage!