Custom perfume making for individuals, groups and events




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A personal, one hour appointment with our perfumer guiding the process of your own perfume creation in the Fleurage Scent Design Studio.


Now at The Block Arcade

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Suite 124, Level 1, 98 Elizabeth Street Melbourne





Fleurage Create your own perfume video

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For one-on-one session

At our Scent Design Studio in The Block Arcade. 
  • Personal guidance by a perfumer,
  • a 40ml sized bottle,
  • 80 ingredients,
  • the formula recorded on a scent wheel.
Perfume creation sessions;
  • allow one hour,
  • cost is $250 per creation,
  • you can bring a friend to observe the process,
  • the perfume can be re-orded.
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Bookings are subject to availability.

Studio Group

Fleurage Create your own perfume studio group booking

For small groups of up to 5 people

At our Scent Design Studio in The Block Arcade. 
  • up to 5 people maximum
  • 30ml bottle of perfume
  • the formula is recorded on a scent wheel to take with you
Perfume creation sessions
  • allow 2 hours
  • uses 40 – 80 ingredients 
  • the perfume can be re ordered
  • Bookings are subject to availability
  • Sundays (preferred) and Saturdays
  • Call for pricing.


Fleurage Perfume group Event play video

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For group sessions at your location

We bring our system to your event venue.
Fleurage perfume making events involve; 
  • 40 ingredients,
  • a 30ml sized bottle (maximum)
  • and are designed and quoted as per event brief.
We need to know;
  • how many people,
  • what date and time,
  • any specific theme requirements.
We have two event format options;
  • scent bar,
  • workshop.





An hour with our perfumer personally taking you through ingredients and the perfume making process.

Create your own perfume station



The Fleurage Perfume creation process

This rare experience can be enjoyed by individuals or groups.

For groups the format may be slightly altered.



Individual scent profile

The experience begins with the Fleurage perfumer’s personal scent analysis of each participant which reveals the scent family and type of perfume that is most suited to their tastes.

making perfume


Explore the perfume ingredients

A simple set of questions will have you sampling from the area that is most likely aligned with your tastes.

All the ingredients have been specially selected to work harmoniously together. They are organised into the four major scent families floral, oriental, chypre and fougere. Each family is organised into base, middle and top notes.

create your own perfume Ingredients


Your formula is then created from your selection

From your selected ingredients with the guidance of the perfumer your formula is created and recorded on your own work sheet for you to take with you.



Create your fragrance

Add the ingredients. If you feel unsure about using the dropper, we are here to help. We check in with the fragrance to see how it is progressing to make sure you leave with something beautiful.  

making the fragrance



Your finished fragrance

The completed perfume – A 40ml Eau De Parfum ready for you to name as you wish. The fragrance will take 24 hours to settle. Your formula goes with your creation and we have a copy for you to refill at any time. This is the story about who you are and what you like, captured in your very own fragrance.

Create your own perfume dispensary



To complete the experience we can personalise your fragrance with your name

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I can’t tell you how much I love it!

The whole process is really quite fascinating and I would recommend it to anyone who loves perfume (and it would make a great gift for a milestone birthday or similar). My big tip for anyone considering a visit to Fleurage to create their own fragrance (apart from just do it!!) is to have a little think about the style of fragrance you might like to create. I hadn’t given that any thought at all, which probably made it harder for Emma to narrow down what I was after.


We had such a great experience

We had such a great experience with Fleurage. Today we made a signature scent for our hairdressing salon. The team at Fleurage are so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and professional and their set up is so amazing! We left with such a great fragrance that we made as a team. Highly recommend anyone wanting to buy a perfume to create it themselves with Fleurage!


Thanks so much for yesterday

Thanks so much for yesterday Emma. My Wife and her Family loved the day and I think you will be getting a few repeat and follow on sessions on the back of this one.

I think the business model you have created is very clever and unique and I wish you all the success in the world. So comforting to see people out there having a go with new and innovative ideas. Everyone we have spoken to has never heard of this but thinks it’s a great idea.

Tim Fleet